Sometimes you wonder what you’ve done when the deed is done and you’ve handed over your life savings! It’s called “buyer’s remorse” I think and can happen with any major purchase. But when you’ve sunk everything you own into a new home and new business venture all rolled into one, it’s even more of an issue. Have we done the right thing? Where do we start? Will we make any money? Have we just tied a noose around our necks for the next 30 years until we’ve paid off the mortgage?

It was certainly a major project and one of those things where you can’t decide where to start. So we thought about it for 24 hours and made a plan. That took another day, but eventually we had a real idea of where we were going and where to start.

Since we needed somewhere to live and it would be a big saving to move out of our rented flat, we decided to start on the living quarters first. The bathroom was a horrendous mess, since someone had already started to take tiles off the walls, so that was to be the very first room to tackle. We did have a small budget left to pay for some of the work to be done by professional builders, but we felt we should tackle the living quarters ourselves to save as much as possible.

What we bought