So the first thing was to get the living accommodation sorted out enough that we could move in and save rent. We called in the builders to get the big jobs done fast, then set about doing the tarting up ourselves. We had a bit of remodelling done in our quarters, opening up rooms and making a nice airy space.

We now have 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room with open plan kitchen area, a separate office and two bathrooms and a cloakroom. The living rooms were all knocked into one, which made it seem so much bigger, then when the plastering was done and we had a nice blank canvas, we started on decorating.

The kitchen and bathroom installations were done by specialist companies, simply to save time and get things moving. Then we had flooring contractors in and were ready to start on the redecoration. It didn’t take very long because there was nothing to prepare, just get painting and with the help of some friends and relatives it was sorted in a few weeks.

Then we moved in, which was a bit of a pain since our stuff was scattered everywhere. Of course the day to day stuff was where we currently lived, so proved easiest and we had a moving company sort that. So then we had the basics to get moved in and had to collect the rest of our belongings around us.

A lot of our stuff (junk, some might say!) was in storage at two different locations. We started off at one place, then found somewhere cheaper for the rest of our belongings, so that meant two trips and two loads of furniture and boxes. Luckily we still have the horse trailer and it’s amazing what you can fit into it. It’s always such fun to go through boxes when stuff has been packed away for so long. You simply can’t remember what you own, so it’s always a surprise and so often you wonder why on earth you kept things and paid for them to be stored!

Once that lot was sorted, we had to pick up other things that had been left for safe-keeping with relatives. But eventually we collected everything and had all our treasures around us again. At last it felt like home and we were feeling strong enough to tackle the rest of the building and get going on our business. Such fun…..

Our Living Accommodation