So I’ve skipped ahead a bit because I got fed up talking about renovations and building work. So I’ve moved on to the interesting bit – starting to decorate the pub. I will, of course, go back to fill in details about the refurbishments.

I love old furniture and the building lends itself to such decoration, which luckily is out of vogue at the moment so can be picked up cheaply. It never fails to amaze me how little money is asked for some beautiful heritage wood furniture that puts our modern rubbish to shame. It’s dark of course and that just isn’t popular at the moment. Some pieces started life quite light, like natural oak, but over hundreds of years of collecting dirt and being polished and oiled, these furnishings have darkened considerably until some are almost black.

It’s a cliche but I love blue and white crockery against a dark oak cabinet or dresser. Nothing looks nicer in my opinion and luckily I already had a bit of a collection. It’s not a valuable selection, just pretty and picked up over the years from a variety of boot sales, junk shops and the occasional antique fair or auction. They look stunning in the pub, but i have to be careful that they’re placed well out of the way of wandering hands! It’s not children you have to beware, more light-fingered adults who also like blue and white. So they’re arranged on tall pieces of furniture or behind glass, with lower more accessible shelves being filled with items I don’t like as much. Shame we have to do that but unfortunately people don’t have as much respect these days.

Would love this in my collection

Along with the dressers, sideboards and various shelves, we have dark oak tables and chairs, although I think some of the chairs have yew backs. They’re a bit of a mix and match assembly but it works well and looks quite charming. We’ve also got a few old church pews, which look great with suitable cushions and are more comfy than they look.

The idea is to have an interior that is welcoming, attractive and also comfortable enough that people want to linger – and order another drink or something to eat! So far it’s working quite well!