Welcome to our new blog about the acquisition and refurbishment of The Cross and Cow Inn at the Bridge. We’ve had all sorts of help and support completing this project and it has become a major part of our life. We’ll be making a record of the progress so far – which started a while ago so we’ll be adding the first couple of years shortly, then continue with everything going forward.

We’ve come to love the Cross more than any other inn we’ve owned – and there have been a few over the years. We hope you enjoy reading about our progress and will visit us soon to sample our beers and great food.

Oh, and by the way, the Cross is haunted by a very friendly ghost known as Betty. She used to be a barmaid and we believe she met an unfortunate end while she worked here. We’re going to do more research on Betty and bring in a medium to try to get the story directly from her. In the meantime, you can sometimes see her in the old public bar, wearing a mop cap and having a laugh. Let us know if you catch sight of her.

The Cross and Cow Inn